Clickable’s development team and contributors are happy to announce version 5.13.0 of Clickable! It adds two new features along with a few bug fixes. The first feature is debugging with gdb. You can now run your app in desktop mode with the gdb flag (ex: clickable desktop --gdb). This allows you to run your app with gdb and debug any issues you might come across. The other feature is the new test command (ex: clickable test). This will run qmltestrunner (or any custom command) in the docker container with a virtual screen. This allows you to write all sorts of tests for your apps and verify that they work as expected.

Besides the new features, there were also several bug fixes:

  • When running in desktop mode, cache/share/config directories are automatically created
  • Fixed hidden build directories causing errors when looking for the manifest
  • Fixed issue with cordova building
  • Fixed dependencies not being used the first time clickable is run

If you run into any issues with Clickable please report them in the GitLab Issues.